My latest photo hunt incorporated familiar things.  A sunset, this bridge and ice.  At this point  you would think I’d invest in some ice climbing gear, or at least, some traction cleats.  *NOTE TO SELF – Buy these for next year*

The Delaware river was quite a sight to see.  All along the banks had sheets of ice that were shoved upon each other by the current.  Some looked like an ice version of a lava flow.   Every footstep brought loud cracking sounds as if someone was shattering glass with a hammer.  Every once and a while, a small splinter of ice would fly up and out, hit the ice sheet and glide away.  I thought a few times I was going to just glide away as well.  Good thing I had a fellow photographer alongside, this isn’t a place you want to go alone.

And I promise you all, I’m not going to become, “That guy who takes bridge photos”, even though I do have a lot of them.  I guess you just tend to take photos of what’s near you, often.  The challenge is, to show that same object differently.


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