Building Upon Wreckage



Now that I’ve visited this location a few times over the past year, it has solidified an answer for me.  Why keep going to the same location over and over?  Once you have a few photos of a subject, why return?  I hope to reveal with the photos in this post.  There are many factors that go into the answer.  For each season here in New Jersey, we see drastic changes in the landscape.  In the most recent photos, you see mere remnants of the lush green grass that flourishes inside the wreck during the summer.



Time marches on here, and you can feel the beach reclaiming the ship.  Parts fall away, almost melting and becoming an extension of the sand here.  Clouds push through as night overcomes day.



Harsh light, for a harsh life.  The sky and horizon become a blur.  Is it going out of existence, or coming back to reality? 



A cloud obscures sunlight, but the star still shines above.  The wreck almost seems to be rising out of the sand.



Summer grass takes its hold, with a partial moon overhead.  The bay comes in like a blanket, to cover the wreck for the night.



Always keep looking around, including up.  Those puffy clouds will catch the light at the time exactly when it needs to, and for only as long as it needs to.  Just don’t miss it.



Off in the distance, the wreck still stands tall.  It watches the sun and moon, rise and set.  It takes on whatever mother nature throws at it.  I hope it will be around for a little longer, so I can see it’s ever changing face again a few more times.

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